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Jan 28, 2019

It is not uncommon to have up to four boxes under construction at the same time. While the timber prep time takes a little longer the build time average for each is quicker as while i am waiting for glue to dry on one i can be glueing another together, or fitting a base or a lid to other boxes. As can be seen in the photo the small box bottom left is finished, the centre box has had the lid cut but not separated, the right centre box is ready to have the lid marked and cut and the box on the top right has just had the lid glued.

It is not practical to make the lid separate to the box so the box is made as a whole with the lid removed after. To prepare for this i mark from the top where i want to make the cut and lay a strip of masking tape on all four sides and then set the blade on the table saw at a height of 1mm less than the thickness of the sides and run the box over the blade on all four sides. The tape is removed and the remaining material is trimmed using a Japanese pull saw which has a very fine .5mm kerf with razor sharp teeth, allowing for a clean accurate cut. The edges are then matched perfectly with a block plane and various grit sand paper.

Feb 6, 2019

Another box on the work bench is this New Guinea Rosewood document box which will hold A4 size pages. I wanted to fit a key lock to this one but i needed to do the lock cut out before the box went together to make it easier so i marked out the lid cut prior to glue up and ripped the front side and then rebated the lock by hand and the box was then glued and assembled in the usual method. The corner splines are made from Blackbean and i like to use them on all larger boxes to add strength to the joins.

The lid was then removed by cutting through the remaining three sides

The lid will be attached with solid Brass butt hinges and a Brass plated lid stay chain will be attached to hold the lid at 105 degrees. Look out for the finished product in the shop in the next week.

Feb 17, 2019

To grow a business you need to improve your product range come up with new ideas, new products and improve processes to save time so this post is about improving my product and coming up with new ideas. Up until now i have labeled my boxes with an ink name stamp and a hand written description of the timber but i now feel this is not good enough so i have invested in up to date technology that will allow me to add a permanent label to all my boxes and open up a whole new range of products and services. Introducing the Emblaser Core laser engraver and cutter.

7 March, 2019

Hmmm, the videos and tutorials made it look so easy but in the real world my tech starved mind found it difficult to come to terms with setting up and perfecting a simple process where all i have to do is change a few words for each burning but after a few weeks of trial and error i am now at the stage where i can cut and fit a base and bring it in and engrave it within ten minutes. So to begin with I’m using the KISS rule and over time i’ll evolve the design and maybe style it to suit individual box designs.

26 April, 2019

I came across a quantity of .5mm Queensland Maple veneer and decided to make my own business cards in two variations of either two layers together or a layer either side of 2mm craft board. The following work in progress is the latter version of veneer either side of craft board and i make batches of 16 at a time which allows the glue up process to be quick and not get out of hand.

Firstly i cut two sheets of Melamine particleboard for the purpose of capturing the glue up and then cut the two layers of veneer and one layer of craft board to the same size

Glue is applied to the craft board and the first layer of veneer applied.

The same process is used for the reverse side and the glue up is sandwiched between the two sheets of particleboard. The purists will say that you must have a vacuum bag for glueing veneer but i prefer the old fashioned way of just using weight, in the form of house bricks.

15 October, 2020

In keeping with reviewing and updating process i am now producing business cards from solid timber offcuts from the band saw. As you can see this allows all species of timber to be created for better results.

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